Classical music vs Firework night

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Bonfire night and Firework night is fast approaching!

Why Music Helps Our hounds – Our Amazon Wish List


At St Francis Home for Animals we take good care of our dogs, but as you can imagine, they’re not all suited to rescue centre life. That’s why we’ve created our Amazon wish list full of things that will help our hounds have a happier life while they wait for their forever home.


One thing we’ve asked for is CD players and classical music for dogs – why you might ask?


Well, there’s plenty of evidence in recent studies that has suggested that dogs relax considerably with classical music playing. Sometimes if the dogs get stressed while they’re with us it’s helpful for us to be able to put on a piece of music to help calm them…


The Scottish SPCA has found that the calming effects that classical music has on dogs is quite considerable; dogs’ stress levels decreased significantly – heart rates, saliva samples and behaviour observations were all used for the study and monitored how the dogs’ wellbeing increased.


Hounds seemed to spend less time barking and standing when they were being lulled by classical pieces, and it particularly helped the male dogs.


SPCA’s education and research manager Gilly Mendes Ferreira commented: ‘The initial findings are very encouraging and show that classical music does have a positive impact on the dogs’ welfare. The average length of stay for a dog in our care can range from one to three weeks for smaller dogs and pedigrees, while larger breeds can remain with us up to six months and some breeds over a year.


‘We want to make each dog’s time with us as comfortable as possible and this research is at the very forefront of animal welfare.’

If you’d like to give our dogs at St Francis the gift of classical music to help increase their wellbeing, you can order it for us from our Amazon wish list, here.


Alternatively, if you’ve got a pup that seems to be a little stressed, why not try putting on some classical at home and see if you notice a difference in his attitude. Let us know if it works on our Facebook page!

Written by Ashe Fox


Classical music vs Firework night