Fireworks Frights!

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Fireworks Frights! How to Keep Your Dog Calm on November 5th


We know how scary bonfire night can be for hounds with plenty of explosions taking place all over Cornwall in the few weeks surrounding November 5th; but what can you do to keep your dog calm?




Keep the radio or TV on for your dog to draw their attention away from the fireworks taking place. Make sure you shut all the doors and windows and draw the curtains too to help limit flashes of light and reduce noise levels. We recently wrote an article on the benefits of classical music for dogs.


Make Their Routine a Little Earlier


One way to ensure that they’re more relaxed when fireworks are taking place, is to walk them before dark and feed them earlier. The last thing you want is a stray firework scaring your hound out on a walk, or for them to be too anxious to eat amid the noise later on.


Don’t Assume


If your dog is particularly nervous, don’t take any chances. Stressed dogs can become escape artists, so keep their leads on when they go into the back garden, and make sure they have a collar with an ID on, just in case.


Keep Your Cool


Dogs react best when you act normal, if you show them there’s nothing to be scared of, they’re much less likely to panic. Keep cheerful and happy, and play with your dog’s toys and reward them with treats to keep their interest.


Use Pheromones


Try a pheromone diffuser to keep your pooch chilled – they give off relaxing chemicals into a room and can help to keep your dog calm until the fireworks have passed. You may want to discuss this option with your local vet.


Make a Safe Haven


Dogs like to hide to feel safe, so if you can make a quiet area for them where they can feel in control, they’ll be able to retreat and cope better. Whether it’s a little den under the dining room table, or a room upstairs that’s quiet, they’ll appreciate the space. Additionally, place some of your unwashed jumpers in the den for him so he can smell you for comfort.


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Fireworks Frights!