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My name is Archie and I am a 4 year old Terrier.

Sadly this is not my first time here but I was very much loved by my previous owner. But I do need a very special new owner who will take their time with me.

I like who I like, I know what I know and anything outside of that causes me stress and worry. So basically a new owner that will protect me from scarey things which include strangers is a necessity for a guy like me.

I need to be an only pet with a quiet adult only home and someone who will take me for walkies too. I will need a secure garden but I can be left home alone for a few hours and I am housetrained too.

I am a complex little lad but once you understand me and I have had time to get to love you, we will be the very best of friends.

If you might have a special space on your sofa for a dog like me, please give the team a call for a chat. 01637 872976.