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  • Added in April 6, 2018
  • Modified in April 20, 2018

Keeley is a petite Jack Russell, aged about 6 years old, who came to the centre heavily pregnant. She arrived as a stray so we do not know much about her background but on arrival to the Centre she immediately needed medical attention as she was pale, anaemic and not properly nourished, especially given her pregnancy. She spent 2 days on fluids and medication in the vets to stabilise her.

She went into foster to finish her pregnancy as she was huge and she needed round the clock attention. With no history, we didn’t know what the dad to the pups might be or her due date for labour. This, as we suspected may happen from the day she arrived, resulted in an urgent caesarian to deliver the pups safely for both their sakes and for mum.

Throughout all of this trauma for her, she then went on to be the BEST mumma she could to her brood.

They have now all flown the nest so we are looking for a very special person to take this little lady home and love her as much as we have grown to love her.

Keeley does not like other animals, she needs to be the only pet, and all behaviours seen have shown us that she probably came from a farm. She is a busy hunting girl through and through when she is out so she will need a very secure garden and someone who does not have to walk her where there are lots of other dogs around. It is highly likely that she will need to be kept ON a lead when she goes out for walkies as she gets very distracted by wildlife and will go exploring when you might not want her to.

With people she is a BEAUTIFUL soul. She has met a child in her foster home and after some very gentle introductions she loves that child and is a proper people person through and through. She will curl up on your lap and be the best dog IN the house and a real companion for someone or a family. Outside she will revert to true terrier!

We really hope that we can find the very best for Keeley after all that she has been through. She deserves to have the very best of love and care for the rest of her days and she has many more years to show you just how lovely she really is.

If you are interested in offering a home to Keeley then please call the team for a chat. 01637 872976.

Keeley (reserved)