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  • Added in March 10, 2018
  • Modified in March 10, 2018

Hello everyone, my official name is ‘Mr Wilson’ but my friends call me ‘Willy’. Now, my name has caused a lot of amusement for the staff here – the efforts I hear them go to in order to make comments about me that are ‘innuendo free’ have been hilarious! 😂 These humans can be so childish at times!
But my name suits me very well so they’ve kept it!

A more gentle soul you couldn’t wish to meet and I have one of those faces that just looks like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders…. but I can do a ‘happy face’ too. 💖

I am an 8 year old American Bulldog type and I am fragile in so many ways. You see I came to the centre as my owner is poorly. It has been a long time since I had walks and my legs don’t quite work as they should now – the team can tell you more about that.

I loved my owner and I am very sad that he got poorly – I miss him probably as much as he misses me – but I could love you too.

I don’t need a lot of exercise but in order to feel better, little and often short steady walks would suit me well and perhaps a secure garden I can sunbathe in. Someone who can build my strength back up nice and slowly. I might be a big lad but I am generally gentle on the lead, unless something interests me. 😉

The team here have given me a lovely memory foam mattress and I will happily chill out on that for ages. I can be left home alone, in fact I wouldn’t mind the peace and quiet for a few hours if I’m honest.

I have been around the occasional horse and other dogs, I could possibly live with another female dog who is a steady plodder like me, or as an only dog. I like dogs but I am too fragile to be another dogs ‘playmate’ – I won’t keep up. I have not lived with cats before.

I would best suit children over 5 years old, I have been around children, I just might need you to come and visit me a few times before I go home so that I learn to love the little people too.

The team here say that they adore me. I need a lot of love and a lot of care from my new owner, I am a physically fragile boy with a broken heart. 😪

If you think you could be the person who could help put me back together then give the team a call for a chat. 01637 872976.

Mr Wilson (aka Willy)