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  • Added in January 25, 2018
  • Modified in January 28, 2018

Puddin is a beautiful, female, staffy. She was unfortunately brought to us by the dog warden as an unclaimed stray. So not a lot can be said about her history. We believe she is approximately 4 years old.

As with all our dog’s Puddin has undergone an assessment period. From this assessment she has shown that she loves people, and adores attention and affection, so it would be no surprise to us if she ended up being a cuddle monster while you watch your favourite show, snuggled on the couch.

Puddin has had a vet check as we worried about her skin, but has been given the all clear. She has now started her vaccinations and is microchipped.

She has shown no problems with other dog’s, and has met several whilst with us.

Puddin’s history with cats is unknown and so careful consideration would be taken with homes with cats, depending on your home set up and individual cat.



Puddin (reserved)