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  • Added in January 31, 2018
  • Modified in February 16, 2018

Ruby is possibly one of the sweetest most affectionate dog’s you will ever meet. However, she is scared of new people to begin with so careful introduction is needed, but once she knows you, boy does she love you!!!

She could possibly live with a friendly calm dog to help her with her confidence, as she is also a little worried of new dog’s too.

She cannot live with cats or small furries.

This gorgeous girly is only 13 months old, and she has tons of potential. She is extremely clever, and picks new tricks up within minutes. She is also loving our agility equipment in the fields so may be a budding star in that area too with the right person.

She is truly worth a visit and any one who see’s past the initial first meeting or two will rruby1ealise just how worth it this girl is.

Ruby (reserved)