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  • Added in May 13, 2018
  • Modified in May 13, 2018

Hello everyone,

My name is Scooter and I am a 3 year old Wire Haired Dachshund.

I have been told that lots of people will fall for my cute adorable scruffy looks but my rehoming requirements are quite specific so please read all about me before thinking that I am the dog for you.

You see I am very much a ladies man! I like female people and male people terrify me. They don’t mean too but that’s sadly just the way it is for me so in order to make sure I am not scared in my new home, I am looking for a lady, or multiple ladies, to fall for my charms. Previous history indicates that having a man in my new home may well prove far too much for me to handle.

I like my walkies and I am still young but I need to be walked where there are not lots of other dogs around as sometimes I don’t want to be friends with everyone but I have lived with a steady female dog before. I might like a female dog as a companion but again, probably not a male. I am all about the ladies!! 💖

Sadly I can’t live with cats.

I like children, I find them quite safe to be around but I cannot cope with loud noises or strangers in my home so rehoming as a ‘family’ pet would need to be discussed to see if it would work for me…. that would depend very much on the circumstances and the child (& adults) involved and probably involve lots of meets at the centre before seeing if I can settle with them… but it definitely could be considered for the right person.

I can be left home alone, I am happy to come in the car with you and I will need a garden area that I can’t get out of…… but I am only little!

The most important thing for a new owner is for them to understand that I need to find a home where I can still be a ‘dog’ but with a new owner who understands that due to many reasons (which the team will tell you about) I will always be an anxious lad in some situations. I will love you with all my heart once I love you and my character will quickly shine through, but you have to be prepared for the anxious side of me and love me despite of this!

If you think that could be you then please give the team a call for a chat and we could hopefully meet. 01637 872976.