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  • Added in September 11, 2017
  • Modified in September 19, 2017

Hi everyone,

My name is Todd and I am a young Border Collie aged just 7 months old.

I have sadly already had 2 homes and the team here have been working hard to get me ready for my new home but I am ready to start looking now. Could it be you?

I would really like a new home that understands just how sensitive and complex us Collie’s can be. I try to be confident and brave but actually, underneath the initial pretense, I am quite an anxious lad.

But I am also busy and clever, sometimes too clever, so I need a new owner who will take their time with me and work with me further.

If I could choose I would really like to live with another existing canine companion. This doggy friend will need to be quite happy in the big wide world and then maybe, just maybe, I can learn something from that dog too. We could be playmates as well but just a happy, confident, adult, canine friend would be great.

I need an adult only home, ideally in a rural location and a new owner who likes reward based training as I respond really well to that. A young family is not for everyone and it’s not really for me either. I am not at all used to children.

Having not yet found my successful happy ever after home, the team here have spent a long time getting to know me and now that they know what makes me happy and how to get the best out of me, it is finally time to try and find that person to carry on the good work!

If you really understand Border Collie’s and think you have the time to dedicate to a youngster like me then please call the team and let’s see if we are a match. Thank you for reading, Lots of love and licks, Todd xxx 01637 872976.


Todd (reserved)