St Francis Dogs Home – Looking Forward to the Future!

The Trustees would like to thank everyone who attended our Community Engagement Event. Hopefully the event provided people with insight into our current position and plans. The Trustees have taken on board the feedback and strength of feelings. In particular we have noted,

• The need for more regular communication and transparency. 

• Broad support for dog fostering with behaviourists, veterinary assistance and other resources from St Francis. This is something that can bring immediate benefit for dogs in the local area which is our primary objective. We appreciate the feedback that this depends on recruitment of good fosterers but based on extensive discussions with other dog rescues and working with experienced dog behaviourists, the Trustees believe this model for dog care can successfully meet this objective.  We will be following through with this plan and more updates will follow. 

• The strong local support for St Francis and desire to utilise our current fantastic location. There are problems with the site (such as drainage) and the kennels in their current state do not meet DEFRA animal welfare guidelines. However, we share the desire to retain this location and will look at all the options for how the site can be used to help dogs locally and again become part of the local community it was previously. This includes refurbishing some of the current kennels, a more limited build and making better use of the training hall and grounds. Again, more updates will follow. 

The Trustees and everyone who attended the Community Engagement Event share the same objective – to maximise the care St Francis can provide for dogs locally with the resources that have kindly been donated over many decades. It is just a question of how this can be best achieved. If you are interested in more detail, please follow this link. Click Here

Our Dogs

St Francis Dogs

We have temporarily closed the doors of St Francis Dogs Home ahead of essential works which need to take place to secure the the future of the Charity.

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St Francis Donations

During our temporary closure, we will continue to raise funds to ensure we are able to safeguard St Francis Dogs Home for years to come. See how you can help.

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St Francis Volunteers

As our plans for the redevelopment of St Francis progresses we will be looking for Volunteers to help us in a variety of ways. We would love you to be part of our exciting future.

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Pet Advice

St Francis Pet Advice

Education is paramount in improving the welfare of dogs. If you are needing some advice, have a look and see if we can help you.

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Here’s some of our news

If you have a St Francis dog and want support, behaviour advice or to return a dog please get in touch.

We’ll be keen to welcome volunteers once things get moving again – details will be on our Volunteer Page and on our social media.

We are still needing funds to help build our dogs new kennels and to help any dogs returned to us, which will be looked after by trusted friends in the region. We have found loving homes for all our dogs when we started our temporary closure and our funds are supporting dog work through other Charities in the region.

We’re here for you by email or you can message us on Facebook. If you call us at the Centre on 01637 872976 our answerphone message will help you. We will be on hand to help. Do keep in touch. We haven’t gone far’.

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Q&A from Community Engagement Event on 13 June 2022

Thank you to each and every one of you that took the time out of your busy day/evening to...

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