There are always questions that come up and we often get asked the same things so we thought this ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page might come in handy.  If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for then please contact us and we will try to help you.

Can I come and just look at the dogs in the kennels?

Whilst we obviously want to encourage new dogs to find their new homes, we don’t believe that seeing your potential new dog in a kennel environment really shows them off to their very best.  Also, whilst you may want to see the dogs, some of them are recovering from surgery or undergoing re-training and might not cope with strangers looking at them.  We have to protect those dogs from extra stress.  We like to meet you first and then we will bring out any matches that may be suitable for you.  It works well this way.

What is the procedure if we wanted to offer a home to a St Francis dog?

Once you find a dog that is a match for you, the process is fairly straight forward.  Please read the process on our rehoming page for further details.  We like to keep things as simple as we can.

Can you call us when you have the sort of dog we are looking for?

Sadly, due to us having such a small team, we are unable to operate a waiting list system effectively.  We do however advertise all of our dogs on our website and social media pages and work hard to find the right match for that particular dog, regardless of its breed type.

We have heard a lot about St Francis but we do not live in Cornwall?  Can we still have a dog?

St Francis Dogs Home is a very small team of staff and volunteers and we simply do not have the resources to organise home checks for people outside of the Cornwall area.  There may be exceptions to this if the dog needs a specific home that we cannot find locally but these cases would be exceptional ones.

What happens if I take a dog from St Francis and it doesn’t work out at home with us?

As a team, we work hard to try and ensure that the match is a good one from the beginning but sometimes new things come up once the dog gets home or the circumstances from your end may change.  We will make all efforts to ensure that the dog you take home is the right one but do appreciate that this may change.  Should this happen then we would ask that the dog is returned to St Francis.  We support our dogs for their lifetime should this sad eventuality happen.

We want to offer a home to a rescue dog.  Can we take the dog on a trial basis first?

Dogs in kennels do struggle and it doesn’t matter how much work we do to change this.  Sadly they struggle more when they bounce back to this environment for whatever reason so we work hard to avoid ‘trials’.  We may ask you to visit the centre a number of times to ensure that the dog is happy with you for example.  We strive hard to set the dogs, and you, up for success from day 1 and simply cannot operate a systems of ‘trials’.

We’ve had a home check by another rescue organisation.  Do you still need to do one?

The simple answer here is yes.  We try to give an individual character assessment of the dogs in our care and with that individuality in mind, the circumstances in the home will differ from dog to dog.  We are flexible with this and ensure that the most important thing, which is the safety of the dog, is something that you are able to provide.  Our Home Checks are normally carried out with a specific dog in mind and within 48 hours of the final go ahead for rehoming.

How much is it to get a dog from St Francis?

All of our dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flea treated and wormed as well as having been assessed extensively to ensure that the home that we match them to is the right one.  We want everyone to have a positive experience when they offer a rescue dog a home.  You will find all of the information relating to costs on our rehoming page.

I need to rehome my dog.  Can St Francis help me to do this?

It is always sad when a family need to give up their dog and we try our hardest to help as many as we can.  We do operate a waiting list for admissions to ensure that we have a kennel available and to ensure that we give your dog the very best of care.  If you are facing the sad reality that you need to rehome your dog then the process is quite simple and we will do our best to help you.

We live in a flat situation and we are finding it difficult to get a rescue dog.  Can we get a dog from St Francis?

St Francis does not discriminate on the different homes available but we work to find the right match for each dog as an individual.  In certain circumstances we will rehome to a flat or caravan if we feel that the dog in question is suited to this.  Some dogs are housetrained and have a recall and could live quite happily in a flat situation.  Others need a secure garden.  You would certainly be able to offer a home to one of our dogs and we could suggest dogs that may be a good match for this.

We have young children at home and find that sometimes it is difficult to find a rescue dog that would match our family.  Would we be able to get a dog from St Francis?

Dogs are individuals and sometimes they have come from homes with young children and those dogs commonly would love the chance to go into homes that feel familiar.  Some dogs actually prefer children to adults.  But sometimes we get dogs into the centre who either have behavioural concerns or our observations simply mean that a home with young children would not be appropriate for that individual.  We happily rehome our dogs to family situations if the dog has enjoyed that lifestyle before subject to everyone meeting at the Centre first.

I follow your work and wish I could do more to help you.  Sadly I can’t have a dog of my own.  Do you encourage volunteers to help you out?

St Francis is always looking to recruit volunteers as we simply couldn’t manage without our fabulous team.  There are many ways in which you could volunteer once we have spent some time with you and got to know you.  It would be fantastic if we could increase our volunteer team and the dogs would really benefit.

How long does St Francis Dogs Home keep dogs for?

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every dog in our care.  There is often extensive re-training going on behind the scenes and sadly some dogs have taken over a year before they have found the perfect home.  We do not put a time limit on our dogs and we work hard to keep them happy and healthy while they wait for their new homes.

We are going on holiday next month but we have seen a dog that we are interested in.  Would you reserve that dog for us until we get back?

Sadly every day that a dog is in kennels it is subject to the natural stresses and worries that a kennel environment can bring.  Although we obviously do our best to mitigate this for the individuals, this is not ideal and every day matters.  If you are having a change in your lifestyle such as a holiday, change of job or moving house we would ask you to wait until this has settled down and come back to us when things are more calm for everyone involved.  We would not reserve a dog until we were confident that the home was ready to proceed.

We would really like a puppy to bring up in our family.  Do you get many puppies?

We see occasional litters of puppies but not very often.  When we have puppies available for rehoming we advertise them on our website and social media pages as we do with the adult dogs.  If you are patient then a rescue puppy may become available or equally, a suitable adult dog might also suit your needs.

I work full time.  Can I still be considered for a rescue dog from St Francis?

The simple answer is yes providing the individual dog can cope with being left home alone for a few hours.  Many dogs that come into rescue may not have had the right training to be able to cope with it but if a dog has come into the centre for genuine reasons and can cope, then we would not worry about that for the individual.  Those dogs are rare but do come in.

I have a cat at home and would also like to consider a rescue dog.  Would this be ok?

As part of our assessment we do consider whether the dog would be compatible with cats or other animals generally.  Sometimes they have come in having lived with cats before, sometimes they have come in having not been successful with cats.  We assess each individual and try to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your cat when considering the suitability of the dog you may be interested in offering a home to.





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