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Meet the Team

The team at St Francis Dogs Home is very small.  We consist of 4 full time staff (including our Centre Manager and Deputy Centre Manager), and 3 part-time staff.  With having up to 30 dogs on the premises at any one time, we are so very fortunate that our team is heavily supported by willing volunteers who go the extra mile to help us.

Between us we have a wealth of different experiences from our varied backgrounds and, as we are so small, we do have to work quite closely together.  We are all working together to achieve our goal which is happy dogs in happy homes.

Teamwork and communication is the key.


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Emma has been our Centre Manager since summer 2016 and has brought a lot of new ideas to the team. She has extensive experience in working with dogs in rescue environments. Assessing their individual needs and finding the right matches for their new homes always makes her smile. She thrives on the fact that no day in rescue is the same as the last one - which is probably just as well! Emma is the proud mum to two older St Francis dogs, Jasper and Angel and her passion in rescue work always leans towards wanting to help the 'oldies'.

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Pete started volunteering at St. Francis back in 2007. When a job opportunity arose we naturally offered him the position, and he became an Animal Welfare Assistant in January 2010. He is now the Deputy Centre Manager. Pete especially enjoys working with nervous dogs and adores bull breeds (Staffies especially). He is proudly owned by a previous St Francis Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl called Jess who he totally adores - and the feeling is mutual. He is proud to have been a Hula Hooping champion in 1998 and has had many achievements since then!

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Vicky is one of our Animal Welfare Assistants and she has been at St Francis for an amazing thirteen years. Vicky owns Siberian Huskies and Springer Spaniels and is kept very busy by her own canine family. Vicky has extensive experience in dog training and will often be seen behind the scenes working hard to train our dogs ready for their new homes. Vicky is normally a calm and level headed member of the team but this does not apply if someone nicks one of her Maltesers!

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Leanne joined our team in 2014. After completing her national diploma in animal management, Leanne then went on to obtain a foundation degree in animal behaviour and psychology, which she topped up with an honours degree in applied zoology. Leanne began as a volunteer dog walker with St Francis for some time and was thrilled to be taken on as an employee when her studies were finished. Leanne is always thinking about inventive ways to improve the enrichment for the dogs in kennels and is usually the person to take our student volunteers under her wing. Remembering that once upon a time she was that student too.

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Hayley has recently joined our team at St Francis and has come to us having worked for a different animal charity so is no stranger to rescue work. Hayley loves working with dogs and finding out what makes them happy and strives hard to ensure that they find the right happy endings. Hayley has also fostered many a dog in need so knows only too well the challenges involved when helping to settle dogs in to their new homes. Since Hayley joined us she has reguarly some of the more 'fragile' residents under her wing and it is fair to say that she thrives when that one to one connection shows success.

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Bev is a familiar face to St Francis as she was a volunteer for a long time and is now one of our valued weekend staff. Bev's passion and first love is for spaniel types but she opens her heart to every dog in need. She also sometimes fosters vulnerable dogs too, either those needing a home, or sometimes puppies that simply shouldn't be in a kennel. Bev will also regularly help us out at fundraising and PR events and loves nothing better than networking with other folks. St Francis is lucky to have Bev as part of our amazing team.

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Siobhan joined the St Francis team in April 2018. She may be new to the team but she has lots of experience working with, and rehoming rescue dogs. She is owned by a cheeky chappy of a Chihuahua called 'Freddie' and he really knows a thing or two about being a 'diva'. Siobhan's passion in rescue is about making a difference, one dog at a time and making sure that each dog is secured a happy healthy future. She is calm in a crisis and is amazing to work with - the dogs love her too.

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