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Dog Care Advice

As we are experienced with dogs, we know that sometimes things are not smooth sailing. That’s why we offer dog care advice. After all, dogs will be dogs!

We recognise that sometimes, with a little support or advice and education, some dogs could live easier lives with their humans and vice versa.

With education in mind, we have written a few leaflets here that might help you if you are experiencing problems with your dog.  Whilst we don’t profess to be qualified behaviourists, there may be some helpful tips here that could help you.

We would always advise, especially in the case of aggression related behaviours, that you seek professional advice from a behaviourist who has been appropriately certficated in dog behaviour modification using only kind, fair, effective and positive reinforcement methods.

We have also written some more leaflets about simply living with your dog that you may find of interest.

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