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Pet Bereavement

Losing a pet, under any circumstance, can cause grief which non-animal lovers sometimes struggle to understand.  Most of us dog lovers have, at some point, had to experience the sad loss of our much loved friend.  In many cases this is something that we never get over.

Loss can come in a number of ways.  It could be the obvious loss of your dog due to ill health, or equally when needing to part with them for rehoming. We understand that that same sense of emotional loss and trauma can be just as strong.

Rest assured that if your dog has been signed over for rehoming to St Francis, that we will do the very best to ensure the health and well-being of your dog for its future needs.  Whilst this goes some way to help, it can still be a struggle which others around you may not understand.

Should you have needed to say goodbye to your dog, for whatever reasons, and find you are struggling with your own emotions then please ensure that you seek professional bereavement help.



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