Individual Sponsorship

Individual sponsorship

You may wish to sponsor a kennel yourself or you may intend it as a gift for a special person who would also like to do something for a dog in rescue. If you wish to sponsor a kennel then please complete the attached sponsorship form, specifying which kennel you would like to sponsor.

The costs involved are minimal but can make such a difference and for just £10 per month you could sponsor a kennel and help us to continue our work.

We will send you a certificate in the name of the person who is sponsoring the kennel and we will also send you an update every 3 months, about the dog in that kennel and its progress. If the original dog has gone home, we will update you about the new dog that has taken its place.

We hope that by sponsoring a kennel, you would be able to be more engaged with us on a different level and we can add a more personal touch about the work that we do at St Francis. It is a new scheme but we are very excited to launch it and hope that it helps to raise much needed funds for us to carry on our work.

If you are interested in either individual or corporate sponsorship then please select the kennel that you would like to sponsor and submit the form and we will be in touch with you.

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