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Offering to rehome to a Rescue dog can be a very rewarding thing to do but it is a big decision and is one that should be given careful consideration.  Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment and whilst we recognise that sometimes circumstances change, a dog in rescue has already been through the challenges of being in a rescue environment.  Contrary to popular belief not all rescue dogs are ‘broken’ dogs. All will have different needs that you will need to commit to and all will need time to settle into their new homes.

Before making the commitment ask yourselves the following questions as a family.  If you have children in your household, why not sit down and discuss this together so that everyone is involved in the process:

How much time do you have during the day to spend with your new dog?

Who will be the primary carer for the dog?

How many walks a day can you manage?

Are there other pets that we need to consider before bringing a new dog home?

What are the costs involved in owning a dog (ie insurance, food costs, vet bills etc)?

What sort of dog would suit your expectations?

Have you considered that it may take some time to settle your new dog into its new family?

What are the costs involved in the Rehoming Process?

This is a common question and a reasonable one and as a charity it is important to us to find the right matches for our dogs.  It is also important to ensures that we can recover some of the costs for each dog that we rehome and vital funds to help us to help the next one in need after yours has come home.  With that in mind we maintain the highest of welfare standards with regards to our rehoming process and ensure that the dog that you rehome from us has received the very best of care.

All of our dogs are neutered – or rehomed on a contract to ensure this is done when appropriate if it can’t be done prior to rehoming.

All of our dogs have been treated for fleas and worms.

All of our dogs have been vaccinated.

All of our dogs have been microchipped and will be registered to you once the rehoming has been successfully achieved.

As an average cost per dog, this costs the Centre around £260.00 without taking into account feeding costs, environmental enrichment costs and the simple costs of maintaining the kennel facility.

With that in mind, when rehoming our dogs, we ask for a minimum donation to go towards just some of those costs.  These are as follows;

Puppies – up to 6 months      £160.00

6 months – 8 years old           £130.00

9 years and over                       £100.00

As you can see, this donation for rehoming a rescue dog ensure that the dog is well-cared for but does not cover our costs.  If you would like to add extra to your rehoming donation then we would definitely appreciate that or pop over to our donations page to add a little to help us.

For more information contact us.

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