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Taking a New Dog Home

Making a decision to offer a home to a Rescue dog is a big one and it is one that we try to offer as much support and guidance on as we can.  We fully recognise the potential in every home offered whilst also ensuring that the needs of the individual dog are matched.  We want your new dog to be successful with you so we keep the process nice and simple.

The Process

  • Keep an eye on our website or social media pages and when you see a dog that you might be interested in offering a home to, submit an enquiry form via the website.  A member of the team will then call you to discuss the needs of the individual dog and see if you are a match.
  • If the dog in question sounds like a match for your lifestyle, book an appointment to come and go through all of the information that we know about that dog.  We believe in transparency so we will tell you everything we know at this point so that your decision is an informed one.
  • Bring all the family to meet the dog and also any existing dogs in your home – just to make sure that everyone likes each other. Be prepared, depending on the needs of the dog, there is a strong chance that we may ask you to do this more than once.
  • We then ask you to go home and give the needs of this dog careful consideration.  We will reserve the dog for you for 24 hours whilst you think about the information we have provided.  It’s best you raise any doubts or change your mind at this point so there is no obligation either way – just give it 24 hours thinking time.
  • If you want to proceed at this point and live in rented accommodation, we will ask you to ensure, in writing, that your landlord is happy for a dog to live with you.
  • Then we will arrange a home visit where one of our team will come and see you at home.  We don’t do home visits prior to this point as it is all about the matching of the individual.  Many people worry about the home visit – it’s painless, don’t worry!
  • Once we have the home visit results back, then it’s as simple as waiting for the dog to be ready for collection and getting everything ready for your new arrival at home.

How do we ‘match’ our dogs to a new home?

All of our dogs go through an assessment period. This differs from dog to dog depending very much on them, and we do not put them up for rehoming until they are ready.  It is important that the dog is happy with us before it can meet you.  We look at many aspects of the dog’s personality during this time including behaviour with people, behaviour with other dogs as well as what the dog likes and doesn’t like.  We also may need to hold dogs back from availability whilst we complete re-training or medical investigations.  But the matching needs are very much based on our assessments, our observations and any previous history we may have – if we have any.

We do not have restrictions on our potential new homes and consider most homes as long as the dog matches your needs.   We look at each dog as an individual and assess it as such.  So for example, if the dog has lived with children happily before then yes, we would rehome that dog back into a family situation.  If the dog is an escape artist we will ask for high fencing.  If the dog needs housetraining work we will ask for someone to be at home during the day.  We pride ourselves on being flexible with the homes offered and make all efforts to ensure that the match is the right one without being restrictive but with the interest of the dog in mind.

Please take a look at the dogs that we have available as your new best friend may be here waiting.

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